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The best programming, tailored to the corrections environment.

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Physical Safety

Military-grade casing prevents misuse. Physical security features deter tampering.

Digital Security

Secure content filters and data encryption. MDM allows remote monitoring and control of tablets.

Curated Content

Best-in-class content from third-party education and technology providers.

Custom Instruction

Individualized program pathways that guide each user toward personal learning goals.

Tablet & Tech

The optimal content delivery solution for corrections.

Our military-grade hardware, secure network, and live-agent monitoring will meet all your safety and security requirements.

Program Solutions

A robust, integrated learning platform.

We provide centralized access to a variety of high-quality education, reentry, and rehabilitation resources.

Curated Content

A personal experience.

We work with corrections facilities and inmates to create an individualized learning plan for every user. Teaching tools allow educators to remotely provide adaptive instruction and track progress.

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