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  • Posted Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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Why Our Customers Know We’re the Best for the World

As we prepared to announce our second consecutive year as a Best for the World Customers company, as awarded by B Corporation, we flipped through different ways we might be able to express just how much our customers and our dedication to our social mission play into each part of the work that APDS does. And then it hit us — you shouldn’t be hearing from APDS at all!

Instead, we sat down with our customers – both the corrections professionals and incarcerated learners who use our tablets every day – and asked them to tell you just a little bit about APDS and why they think we’re Best for the World. Watch below:

Before an inmate has spent a full week inside the Montgomery Correctional Facility in Montgomery, MD, it is Director Rob Green’s goal to get their hands on a state-of-the-art, cellular-connected tablet. Why? Because he knows that the tablet contains more resources for education, rehabilitation and reentry than could otherwise be served to a prison or jail population.

“It was always my vision that we would be able to connect our population via tablet to education, to programs of rehabilitation and treatment,” Green said. “And then, looking at it from a reentry standpoint, ideas and ways that they can gauge the community at large.”

It’s all a part of the idea of “reentry for all” – meeting individuals where they are, and enrolling them in specific and specialized programming to custom-create a reentry plan.

“Ninety-seven percent of the local population in Montgomery County [correctional facility], they’re going back to the streets of our community. A very low number are going on to long-term stays in state and federal prisons,” he said. “So this idea of investing in people on the front end, how can we invest, how can we use science to really evaluate what their needs are and then invest in their future before they leave while connecting them to that future going out the door – that’s really what we focus on.”

“ We began looking at this probably about 10 years ago, but you have to find a vendor that you have trust in and that’s what we found [in APDS],” he said.

For Green, it wasn’t just important to find the most educationally or technically qualified vendor for the job – though he found those in APDS as well. He also wanted to make sure a technology vendor in Montgomery County shared his facility’s goals and values.

“For some organizations it was more about how do we make money, how do we tie this to a phone system, how do we tie it to a service or tie it to something else and that was never [APDS’s] focus. Their focus was how do we tie this to good, quality education and services.”