Our work increases public safety and economic mobility

APDS provides software and secure technology to deliver individualized education, rehabilitation, job training, and re-entry programs for correctional systems.


Our customers report lower rates of violence against staff and between inmates.

Post-release Success

Our users are poised for success, and confident about their futures.

Research-backed Cost Savings

Every $1 spent on inmate education saves $4–$5 within 3 years.

The APDS Solution:

Secure. Both Inside & Out.

Military-grade, ruggedized hardware; a private secure network; content filtering; Mobile Device Management (MDM); and 24/7 live-agent monitoring.

Open, Integrated Content Delivery.

Amplifies existing learning solutions and enables third-party vendors to deliver education, rehabilitation, and reentry programming in correctional facilities.

Curated Content.

Inmates benefit from customized content and teachers remotely provide adaptive instruction, implement assessments, conduct test prep and more.

How We Work



APDS is dedicated to ending this vicious cycle of incarceration. As a Public Benefits Corp and B Corporation, APDS offers individualized education, rehabilitation, job training, and reentry planning to people involved with the criminal justice system.



Our platform and data portal enable individualized instructional pathways and equip in-person instructors to see how students are progressing and offer targeted support.



Other providers on the market make their profit by charging inmates for tablet use. Their solutions primarily center on telecommunications or commissary transactions. This cuts off access to quality education and detracts from the focus on rigorous instruction. We believe that education should be rigorous, practical, and accessible for all people in prison. That’s why we never charge incarcerated learners, or their friends and family, to use our solutions.

Our Impact

This is the future of corrections

APDS In Numbers

17 states, 88 facilities, and growing

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What our customers are saying

“At the end of the day you got to learn from your mistakes, and that’s what I did. So when I get out there I’ll stick to my mindset, stick to my goals, and actually try to make it in life. Cause I learned it’s not too late for me. I got a bright future ahead. I can see it myself."

– Inmate from Montgomery Correctional Facility