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Delivering technology that makes prisons safer, cheaper, and more effective

Our Correctional System is Broken

It's more dangerous than we should accept, more expensive than we can afford, and less effective than we should tolerate


incidents of violence behind bars are reported each year


is spent annually on corrections


of inmates will return to prison within 3 years of release

How can we reduce prison violence?

Corrections officers know the key is to eliminate contraband and related gang activity.

APDS Solution: Paperless jail cells replace physical goods (books, mail) with digital versions, thus reducing opportunities to import and distribute contraband.

How do we deliver cost savings?

Do what the rest of the world has done: use technology to improve efficiency.

APDS Solution: Replace physical mail with secure digital communications, and eliminate cost centers such as libraries through the use of e-books and e-law library, thus lowering costs for inmates' families and facilities.

How should we fight recidivism?

Research proves that education, job training, and rehabilitation just plain work.

APDS Solution: Employ proven distance learning solutions to deliver a full range of these programs to inmates to drive better behavior behind bars and lower rates of recidivism.

We've Created Powerful New Tools to Solve Old Problems

Corrections-specific devices for inmates

Digital books, e-law library, secure communications with counsel, monitored communication with friends and family, distance learning, job training, rehabilitation.

Turnkey security for facilities

Military-grade, ruggedized hardware; private, secure network; content filtering; Mobile Device Management (MDM); 24x7 live-agent monitoring

Secure communications

Monitored family messaging; private legal communications, document transfer and storage for counsel

About Us

American Prison Data Systems is a New York City-based Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) leading the technology revolution in corrections. We provide turnkey infrastructure, monitored mobile devices, and secure delivery of best-in-class services to:

  • Improve prison safety for corrections personnel and inmates
  • Deliver significant cost savings to prison administrators and, ultimately, taxpayers
  • Reduce recidivism via education, job training, and rehabilitation
  • Build inmate-family relationships via secure, monitored communications

Chris Grewe

Founder & CEO

Chris is an entrepreneur, an educator, and a passionate believer in the power of education to change lives for the better. In founding APDS, he was motivated by the desire to address the lack of safe and effective means of providing educational content to incarcerated learners, which he believed was key to turning lives around and reducing rates of recidivism. Chris has more than 25 years of experience leading start-up, turnaround, and mature educational publishing businesses to substantial revenue growth and profitability. He co-founded and was CEO of the Princeton Review in Japan, and has worked since in senior business development and publishing roles at Scholastic, Kids Discover, Triumph Learning, Troll Communications, and MetaMetrics. Chris has a B.A. from Columbia University.

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Select Investors and Advisors

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CFO, Clinton Foundation

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Director, U.S. DOJ, Prison and Jail RSAT TA Program

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CEO, TGG; Former Co-Founder/CEO, Lexecon, Inc.

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Former Senator and Governor of Nebraska

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Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education

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"As much as criminal justice is a social issue, it is also a fiscal one. We spend over $75 billion per year on corrections yet continue to have poor outcomes. I invested in APDS because it offers a cost-effective solution to reduce recidivism. APDS’ tablet uses smart technology solutions to deliver education, communication, and mental health support – bringing the potential to deliver both improved outcomes and dramatic savings."

"The tablets have really impacted the work that we do with our clients. We have been able to assign homework to our women, which we have reviewed together during sessions directly on the tablets. Our clients also have said that the job seeking application has helped them look for employment."

"The staff at APDS are very thorough, professional, and conscientious about security concerns. The clients already see the value in having them. I believe the tablets will make a large difference in our day-to-day operation by providing additional program resources as well as behavior incentives."

Learn More about Our Clients

Case Studies

One of our correctional partners offers an alternative to incarceration program for non-violent female felons who otherwise would be spending six or more months in state prison, often hundreds of miles away from their children. We are providing tablets loaded with educational and vocational programming for these women, as well as 'edu-tainment' for their children. Supported by our tablets, this program provides the full range of rehabilitative and connective services while allowing these mothers to serve their sentences at home with their families.

We also work with a juvenile jail system to ensure the inmates can continue their education while serving time. One of the many problems with juvenile incarceration is that these kids are pulled out of school, often miss that semester’s credits, and fall (further) behind. They then are funneled into new classes in the facility - sometimes mid-cycle - and may or may not get credits for those. The APDS solution allows the jail to deliver the same online charter school used by the public schools. For the first time, juveniles can enter and leave the facility with full credit for their work, and an almost-seamless academic experience.

We have partnered with a large-city adult jail and probation department to help digitize their paper-based charter school and deliver it on the tablets via our custom Learning Management System. We are supplementing this with an array of additional resources including an online literacy program, job training, mental health literature, a substance abuse program, edu-tainment, an online legal library, and the first ever online recreational library specifically curated for corrections -- National Corrections Library, a service of APDS. This implementation will be monitored over two years through a third-party study as a model for correctional facilities everywhere.

Our first state prison partner is a maximum-security girls’ facility, for girls who have fallen through every crack in the system.  They are using APDS tablets to offer a full range of academic and rehabilitative resources specifically targeted to this at-risk population. We work very closely with this state's nationally renowned Director of Juvenile Education to grow our base of engaging programs and to provide creative new education and wellness tools that have never before been offered in this environment.


With Prison Tablets, a Choice Between Rehabilitation and Profiteering

Amadou Diallo, Al Jazeera, 4/21/2015

New, education-focused tablet solutions can help reduce recidivism, but predatory pricing and contract requirements from traditional companies can disenfranchise the poor.

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Inside the Tech Startup That's Building Tablets for Inmates

Eric Markowitz, International Business Times, 4/16/2015

It’s common knowledge that providing education to offenders drastically reduces the likelihood that they’ll end up back behind bars. And keeping people locked up is expensive. So it stands to reason that providing education to inmates can reduce the facility's long-term costs.

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San Francisco Jail Inmates Get Tablet Computers

NBC Bay Area Staff, 10/23/2014

Some San Francisco jail inmates are now in possession of computer tablets they can use to do homework, read novels and prepare for their criminal cases. The tablets were distributed Wednesday to more than 100 inmates.

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